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One of our aircraft is missing

It is a rare joy in life to rediscover what one thought was lost; dignity, enthusiasm, hair, etc, etc.  Since the day I started this blog I have been searching for my Fiat CR32.  I knew it was somewhere but where?  It had been moved around at least three houses and I was starting to believe that it had been thrown by accident.
On a trip to my mothers house, on a whim, I lifted up my guitar, which had been in storage there for about two years.  Under the guitar was a box.  In the box was my Fiat.  Admittedly it was in several pieces (parents are not the best appreciators of fine 15mm miniatures) but there it was.  The only slight dampener on my unbridled ecstasy was that I had already brought a replacement.  Still it can't hurt and I can just look and see if there are any alternative paint jobs (or paint it for my Operation Compass games). The model comes from Minairons and is up to their usual standard i.e. not brilliant but good enough.  I do not do wing struts and so handed it o…

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