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The Carlists

I have just completed a couple of units of Carlists.  I like the standard bearer holding the long pole with the crucifix.  I have also added a light machine team for extra firepower. The Carlist formed a large portion of the Nationalist forces.  They were an ultra traditionalist faction dedicated to the restoration of the alternative branch of the Bourbon dynasty, the one that descended from Don Carlos, Count of Molina, to the throne of Spain (hence the name)  and the empowerment of the Catholic Church.  The Carlists were so conservative that they objected to seeking assistance from the Nazi party on the grounds that the Nazi party had the word "Socialist" in their name! Carlist forces fought mostly in the Navarre, Roija, Catalonia, Northern Valencia and the Basque regions of Spain. In game terms Carlist unit are counted as below average maneuver scores and fighting skills but have good endurance to reflect their fanaticism under fire and their strong  beliefs in their

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